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Poles like Czechs best

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 03.02.2013 14:04
Czechs top the list of nations that Poles feel the greatest fondness for.

Czech flag, Prague: photo - wikipedia

According to a poll by the CBOS Institute, 51 percent of Poles single out the Czechs as their best-loved nation, followed by Slovaks (48 percent), the English (47 percent), Italians (46 percent) and Spaniards (45 percent).

Among the nations Poles declare a dislike for, the Roma and Sinti come first, with as many as 52 percent of Poles expressing their dislike for them. Next come Romanians, with 41 percent, followed by the Russians (39 percent), Turks (35 percent), Jews (34 percent) and Palestinians (33 percent).

The survey was carried out on 1227 adults between 3 and 9 January.

The CBOS Institute reflected that Poles are warmest towards those nations which serve as a positive reference group and which represent a world of their aspirations.

Other factors include cultural affinity, common historical heritage, current socio-political developments and people’s personal experiences of visiting foreign countries, both as tourists and temporary workers. (mk/nh)

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