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Turkish students arrested at Auschwitz after Nazi salute

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 09.12.2013 10:18
Two Turkish students were arrested on Sunday after apparently raising their arms in a Hitler salute at the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz.

Auschwitz. Photo: wikipedia

According to police spokesman Mariusz Ciarka, the incident took place beneath the infamous 'Arbeit macht frei ' sign ('Work makes you free') that adorns the gateway to the former camp. The site is currently a state museum.

The two students, one male and one female, allegedly photographed each other beneath the gateway while performing the salute. Both of the detainees are 22-years-old.

Police have determined that the pair are currently studying history at a college in Budapest.

Ciarka has indicated that the students will most probably hear charges of propagating fascism.

Article 256 of Poland's criminal code stipulates that “whoever publicly propagates fascism or any other totalitarian system, or incites hatred based on national, ethnic, racial or religious beliefs... can be subjected to a prison term of two years.”

It is estimated that about 1 million Jews from across Europe died at the network of camps at Auschwitz, which was created near the town of Oswiecim (currently in southern Poland's Malopolska region). About 70,000 Polish gentiles died at the camps and about 21,000 members of Europe's Roma community. At least 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war also died at Auschwitz. (nh)

Source: PAP

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