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Polish MPs to investigate CIA payment for torture sites

PR dla Zagranicy
John Beauchamp 22.12.2014 13:50
Polish MPs will investigate how the secret services used the USD 30 million received from the CIA for hosting their “black sites”.

Photo: Glowimages

As a recent US Senate report showed, the CIA handed over up to USD 30 million to the secret services of an unnamed country that hosted the “black sites” where terrorist suspects captured in Afghanistan and Iraq were detained without warrant and subjected to “enhanced investigation techniques”, that is, torture, daily Rzeczpospolita reported.

While the US Senate report fails to name the country in question, it leaves enough cues to make identification of Poland unambiguous, MPs of the Polish parliamentary secret-services committee said.

The cash was sent by diplomatic post from the US embassy in Berlin to the Polish intelligence headquarters, the report said. Marek Biernacki, the Polish parliamentary committee chairman, said the form of the transfer was “particularly worrying” and called for an investigation into how the money was spent. (an)

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