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Kapuscinski classic will come to the silver screen

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Nick Hodge 05.09.2012 13:38
A Mexican movie-maker has announced plans to create a film based on one of the classic works by the late Polish writer Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Kapuscinski: photo - wikipedia

Raul de la Fuente has joined forces with Poland's Platige Films for his version of Another Day of Life, and he will co-direct the work with Damian Nenow.

The film will part animation, drawing also on documentary material.

Another Day of Life, which was originally published in 1976, is an ostensibly non-fictional account of the author's experiences of a three-month period in the Angolan Civil War.

Kapuscinski was then a correspondent for the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

The Mexican film-maker has been under the spell of Kapuscinski for many years, after meeting the author as a teenager.

De la Fuente revealed in an interview with PAP that he had travelled in the footsteps of his hero during preparation for the film.

“It gave me extra context,” he said.

“Besides that, it was fantastic travelling along the same roads that Kapuscinski had gone down in 1975, and visiting the hotel rooms where he had worked on texts that were sent back to Poland.”

Although Kapuscinski's reputation as a writer remains strong, it was somewhat shaken by an award-winning 2010 biography published by Polish journalist Artur Domoslawski.

Domoslawski, an admirer of Kapuscinski's literary oeuvre, and indeed a personal acquaintance of the author, claimed that like other esteemed travel writers such as Bruce Chatwin, Kapuscinski had used a great deal of poetic licence in his books, fabricating numerous encounters.

In Kapuscinski: Non-Fiction, Domoslawski also detailed the author's alleged collaboration with Poland's communist secret services, as well as a string of extra-marital affairs.

Kapuscinski's widow attempted to block both Polish and foreign editions of the book, but was unsuccessful.

The English version of the biography, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones, will go on release in the UK this autumn. (nh)

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