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Kosciuszko revived in major US documentary

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Nick Hodge 14.09.2012 10:38
A teaser of a forthcoming US documentary film about Polish and American war hero General Tadeusz Kosciuszko was screened on Thursday at the 2nd International Congress of Polish History in Krakow.


The film will include reconstructions of some of Kosciuszko's most noted battles, as well as scenes featuring actors in the roles of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and of course the Polish general himself.

The moving spirit behind the film is Alex Storozynski, a former winner of the Pulitzer Prize and current president of the US-based Kosciuszko Foundation, one of America's oldest Polish cultural institutions.

Storyznski, whose well-received biography of Kosciuszko, The Peasant Prince, was published in 2009, has written the script for the documentary. Meanwhile, a number of noted experts have been interviewed for the production.

Born in 1746 in lands that are in present-day Belarus, Kosciuszko fought for both American and Polish independence, winning admirers amongst both his political allies and foes.

He was described by Thomas Jefferson as “the purest son of liberty I have ever known.”

Returning from America he led a national uprising in 1794, after Russia initiated a second partition of the country, in league with Austria and Prussia. Kosciuszko managed to persuade both nobles and peasants to fight.

After initial successes, the insurgents were overwhelmed by Russian forces. Kosciuszko was imprisoned in St Petersburg by Tsarina Catherine the Great, and the remaining Polish lands were absorbed by the conquerors.

Kosciuszko was freed in 1796 by Tsar Paul, Catherine's heir, and he lived in exile in Switzerland.

The 2nd International Congress of Polish History runs until Saturday. (nh)

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