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Polish team in Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries 2013

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Nick Hodge 12.12.2013 10:28
A Polish team's work at a royal tomb in Peru has been counted among the 'Top 10 Discoveries of 2013' by the Archaeological Institute of America.
Photo: Dr. M.Giersz Katarzyna Lach

Photo: Dr. M.Giersz

The find is remarkable as it represents the first instance that a royal burial complex that had not previously been looted was explored by archaeologists.

The tomb, which lies in Huarmey, about 300 km south of Lima, contains the remains of four royal women of the Wari Empire, which existed prior to the Incas, from about 500 AD to 1100 AD.

Buried in a sitting position with the royal women were some forty noblewomen, and seven sacrificial victims.

These discoveries were complemented by an astonishing range of over 1200 artefacts, including items of gold, silver, bronze, alabaster.

The project was led by Dr Milosz Giersz from the University of Warsaw, aided by archaeologists from the Catholic University of Peru.

“This is the first time in an archaeological excavation that we have found a tomb full of prestige goods related to Wari women,” Giersz told the Archaeological Institute of America's Archaeology Magazine.

Meanwhile, the magazine chose the discovery of the remains of English monarch Richard III as the most exciting find of the year.

The skeleton of the controversial king, who was demonised by Shakespeare in his play Richard III, were found beneath a car park in the city of Leicester. (nh)

Source: PAP/ Archaeology Magazine

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