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Movie planned on legendary Polish WWII courier Jan Nowak

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Nick Hodge 05.01.2016 15:22
A feature film is in the pipeline about WWII Polish courier Jan Nowak, who was spirited out of Nazi-occupied Poland and returned to take part in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.
Jan Nowak (Zdzisław Jeziorański) speaks on Radio Free Europe. Photo: Polish RadioJan Nowak (Zdzisław Jeziorański) speaks on Radio Free Europe. Photo: Polish Radio

The Museum of the Warsaw Rising, which backed blockbuster movie 'Warsaw 44', is cooperating with writer and director Władysław Pasikowski for the film.

Pasikowski scored a hit both at the box office and with critics for his recent Cold War spy thriller 'Jack Strong', and he has already penned the screenplay for the Nowak movie, which has the provisional title of 'Courier.'

The film will focus on the period immediately preceding the Warsaw Uprising.

It will cover Nowak's meetings in London with members of the Polish government-in-exile and the British establishment, as well as those with resistance leaders in Warsaw.

The Warsaw Uprising was led by the underground Home Army (AK), which served the Polish government-in-exile. It broke out against the city's German occupiers on 1 August 1944.

Besides Nowak's personal experiences, the film will also show how the advancing Red Army, technically liberating Poland, was arresting officers of the Home Army as it approached Warsaw.

Jan Nowak, whose real name was Zdzisław Jeziorański, fled Poland after the uprising, as the Red Army extended its grip across Poland. He lived in London, Munich and Washington during the communist era, heading the Polish Section of Radio Free Europe from 1952 to 1976. He wrote a vivid memoir entitled 'Courier from Warsaw' and he died in the Polish capital in 2005.

Pasikowski had previously planned a film about Poles who fought in the Battle of Britain. Besides 'Jack Strong' he also directed 'Aftermath', which explored thorny issues connected with Poles and the Holocaust. (nh/pk)

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