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First ever Polish-Indian film to be made in 2018

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Alicja Baczyńska 26.12.2017 16:43
The filming of the very first Polish-Indian movie will begin in early January.
Photo: Pixabay/Joshua_WillsonPhoto: Pixabay/Joshua_Willson

The romantic comedy under the working title Taka karma [Such is Karma] is to feature Polish actors Maja Ostaszewska and Robert Więckiewicz.

The story is based on the lives of a Polish man, Andrzej Łuszczewski, and an Indian woman, Anita Agnihotri, who met in India in the 1970s. They settled down together in the north-western Polish city of Szczecin in the early '80s, where Agnihotri now runs several restaurants.

“Over 70 percent of the filming will take place in India, whereas 30 percent in Szczecin,” Mariusz Łuszczewski, the son of Łuszczewski and Agnihotri, told the PAP news agency.

The film is co-produced by Michał Kwieciński from Akson Studio in Poland and Phantom Films in India, Łuszczewski added.

The premiere is scheduled to take place in December next year. (aba/gs)

Source: PAP, Rzeczpospolita

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