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Poland’s quiet hero

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  • Poland’s quiet hero - 3.01.2011
Listen to an interview with Emmy award–winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Rita Cosby about her latest book Quiet Hero, telling the tale of her father Ryszard Kossobudzki's role in fighting the Nazis during the WW II Warsaw Uprising.


Quiet Hero - Secrets from my Father’s Past is the story of Ryszard Kossobudzki, now 85 year-old and a resident of the United States who was a former insurgent in the Warsaw Rising of 1944.

Kossobudzki found his war-time experience too painful to share with his family for many decades and it was only a few years ago that Rita Cosby, a former Fox News anchor currently working for CBS, discovered a suitcase containing mementos from the youth of the man she knew as Richard Cosby.

Rita Cosby tells Michal Kubicki about her father's secret life. (pg)

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