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Anti-GM crops protesters call for president to veto new seed law

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Peter Gentle 26.11.2012 09:23
Politicians and celebrities, including pop star Doda, called on the president of Poland to veto a law on GM crops, Sunday, claiming that the Polish countryside is at risk.

A genetically modified Doda at anti-GM protest: photo -PAP/Pawel Supernak

“I want to choose what I eat,” Doda told a small crowd outside the Presidential Palace on Sunday, protesting against a genetically modified seed bill which will be voted on in the Senate on 29 November, where it is expected to gain the necessary majority, and will then await the signature of President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Doda, a regular in the tabloid newspapers after controversial remarks about the bible and her relationship with death metal star Nergal, told anti-GM supporters that if you want to know what happens to your health after eating food from GM crops then look at the United States, where “they are all fat and have brains of jelly”.

The protesters from the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside delivered a letter to President Komorowski which implored him to veto the new law.

“It is our understanding that this Act will open Poland to the commercial planting of GM seeds and plants and to their 'coexistence' with non GM plants. This will destroy the good name of Polish food and farming amongst those who particularly single-out Poland for its high quality produce,” the letter reads.

“We now also have dramatic evidence that ingesting even small doses of GM feed causes major health problems, including infertility, cancer and death, in rodents tested under laboratory conditions by acclaimed scientists,” the protesters claim.

President Komorowski vetoed a similar law year – not because he opposes GM, which he says is “safe” - but because the proposed law was contradictory and “legal junk”.

The new law is opposed by all opposition parties in Poland. (pg)

source: IAR

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