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Commissioner calls on European Parliament not to veto EU budget

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Peter Gentle 11.02.2013 07:00
Budget commissioner Janusz Lewandowski has appealed to the European Parliament not to veto the EU 2014-20 budget, after a deal was reached at the summit in Brussels on Friday.

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“It would be difficult to explain why we are not capable of striking a deal,” Janusz Lewandowski said after president of the European Parliament called for a secret ballot for MEPs in a vote on the EU budget.

The European Parliament has the power to bloc EU finance legislation, and could potentially scupper the deal reached between the 27-nation bloc, which saw a cut in the seven-year budget in real terms of 3 percent.

Poland, under the new agreement, would actually increase what it receives from Brussels.

“As president of the Parliament […] I cannot, will not and indeed may not accept what amount to deficit budgets,” president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has said

Budget Commissioner Lewandowski, however, says further delay to the EU's spending plans would endanger economic recovery.

"This is about Europe in difficulty and there is nothing more difficult than getting an agreement over the money. But I think everybody is conscious of their responsibility. The bloc is waiting for a new generation of programs via the European budget. It would be difficult to explain why we are not capable of striking a deal." Janusz Lewandowski told Polish Radio.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who described Friday as “the happiest day of his life” after national leaders concluded the deal, said over the weekend that he would lead a public consultation on how to spend the funds.

Spending from 'cohesion policy' funds “must fit local needs,” he said.

“We will organize meetings and consultations. I'm going to be personally involved in this. I want to go and talk about this in every Polish city.

“We will build, finish the roads, railways and communications, invest in health and education. We will find money for small and medium-sized enterprises with specific assistance guaranteed to Polish farmers,” Tusk said at a speech given at the University of Gdansk on Sunday. (pg)

source: PAP/IAR

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