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Krakow hotel with dental clinic planned

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 08.10.2014 10:00
A hotel combined with a dental clinic is set to be built in Krakow, southern Poland, in a bid to expand the city's appeal as a destination for 'dental tourism.'
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The investment, which is being carried out on the fringe of the city's Kazimierz district, will provide 127 guestrooms in a building designed by award-winning architectural firm Lewicki&Latak.

“We hope that the opening of the new hotel will attract to Krakow more foreigners taking advantage of so-called medical tourism,” commented Regional Conservator of Buildings Jan Janczykowski, in an interview with the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.

Two buildings that “do not represent any historical or architectural value,” according to Janczykowski, will be demolished next month to make way for the new investment.

Investor Sebastian Kaminski noted that as far as dental tourism is concerned, “most tourists choose a trip to Budapest for these purposes.”

Construction of the new building is expected to cost 3.5 million zloty (776,410 euro).

Dental tourism has been a growing phenomenon in recent years, with many western Europeans trying to find cheaper yet reliable alternatives to treatment in their native countries. (nh)

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