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Missile-shield deal still being negotiated

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Roberto Galea 05.02.2016 12:42
Warsaw is still negotiating with Washington over the Patriot missile shield which was agreed by the previous Polish government, said Poland’s deputy defence minister currently negotiating in the US.
Photo: Flickr.com/thinkpanamaPhoto: Flickr.com/thinkpanama

“We met with Pentagon authorities in charge of our region, those responsible for the strategy of the US armed forces, as well as with representatives of Congress, think tanks, and the media, so as to establish as extensive contacts as possible,” deputy defence minister Tomasz Szatkowski told Polish Radio.

Szatkowski said that the Polish government wants the military contacts with the United States to be “deep, concise and practical”, and such negotiations were not merely “symbols – meetings but to deliver the greatest impact”.

Tomasz Szatkowski explained that the negotiations are difficult and complex, and at the moment it was impossible to confirm whether the final deal would go through.

“The US is our major ally,” Szatkowski emphasised.

In April 2015, the Civic-Platform-led government announced its choice of US Patriot surface to air missiles and Airbus Eurocopters in two separate tenders for modernising the Polish Armed Forces, each worth billions of euros.

Following the 25 October general election, which saw the Law and Justice party sweep to power, a leading figure in Polish Defence said that the new government will likely cancel the contract for military helicopters signed by the former cabinet.

“All signs indicate are that the tender for a multipurpose helicopter [with Airbus – ed.] will be void and consequently repeated,” Michał Jach, head of the parliamentary Defence Committee told Polish Radio. (rg/di)

Source: Polish Radio

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