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Polish coin in tribute to the Cichociemni Paratroopers

PR dla Zagranicy
Roberto Galea 19.02.2016 08:38
The National Bank of Poland has issued a silver coin to mark the 75th anniversary of the first drop of the Cichociemni Paratroopers, an elite WW II special-operations unit of the Polish Army in exile.
The coin has a face value of PLN 10. Photo: NBPThe coin has a face value of PLN 10. Photo: NBP

The first group of the Cichociemni, or "Silent Unseen", were sent on a mission into German-occupied Poland from Britain, where they had been trained, on the night of 15 February 1941.

The face value of the coin is PLN 10 and its issue price is PLN 120. The coin’s mintage is 15,000 pieces.

The obverse of the coin depicts a paratrooper landing, while its reverse features the symbol of Fighting Poland and 316 birds, the number corresponding to the total number of the Cichociemni who were secretly parachuted into occupied Poland to join underground resistance units.

Three of these birds are placed on the outer ring of the coin. They symbolize the three members of the unit who parachuted into Poland 75 years ago.

The coin was designed by Urszula Walerzak. (mk/rg)

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