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Confirmation delayed for nuclear power site

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 23.05.2011 14:57
Contrary to a flurry of articles in the media in March 2010 indicating that Zarnowiec, northern Poland was to be the site of Poland's first nuclear power plant, Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE), the country's largest power producing company and the key investor in the project, has said that a final decision is still pending.


In a statement sent to Polish Radio, PGE expressed that the ultimate decision, “is planned for the end of 2013.”

In March 2010, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Poland’s ‘nuclear minister’ Hanna Trojanowska, announced that Zarnowiec had emerged in the leading position, following a review of a list of potential sites submitted by the marshals of Poland's provinces.

“Zarnowiec heads the ranking of twenty-eight towns considered to be the best locations for a nuclear plant, followed by Warta-Klempicz and Kopan, which still have a chance to host the second nuclear power station in Poland,” she said.

Although there has been a delay in finalising the verdict, PGE maintains that “the completion of the construction of the first block by the end of 2020” is still a target, regardless of the location.

According to PGE, international tenders will be announced later in the year, searching for a company that can provide a so-called Owner’s Engineer (an engineer who deals with professional issues on behalf of the client) and secondly, for the completion of the environmental and site-related studies, as required by Polish building law.

Earlier this month, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of new measures allowing for the construction of nuclear plants on Polish soil.

Six votes concerned both a new law and amendments to the existing bill.

One key vote regarded a change in the formula of the calculation of expenses for a liquidation fund.

Another regarded the necessity of the disclosure of the sources of funds allocated for nuclear safety, as well as for the construction itself by the plant operator.

In the first case, some 404 MPs voted in favour, with just two against and one abstention. Regarding the second, one was against and five MPs abstained. (nh/pg)

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