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Polish Defence Minister confirms plans to buy Patriot system

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Roberto Galea 07.09.2016 06:44
Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz has confirmed plans to purchase the American Patriot missile defence system, ending speculation that the ministry might overturn a decision taken by the previous government.
Photo: Wikimedia CommonsPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Raytheon’s Patriot system was chosen as Poland’s future anti-ballistic missile system by the Civic-Platform led government in April 2015, seeing off competition from an MBDA and Thales consortium offering Aster 30 missiles.

Following the victory of the Law and Justice party in elections last October, the government has been re-examining defence tenders, including both the Patriot system and a purchase of French Caracal helicopters, which is still under review.

“Today I have made a decision about the dispatch of a letter of request to the United States Government and the Raytheon company concerning the order of the Patriot missile defence system,” Macierewicz announced.

He said Poland would purchase eight Patriot batteries, of which two would arrive by 2019. The remaining six will be delivered post-2020.

According to the minister, the Patriots will include a sophisticated 360-degree radar currently being developed, as well as the new and advanced “SkyCeptor” hit-to-kill missile.

They are capable of intercepting short- to medium-range ballistic and cruise missiles.

Macierewicz did not specify the final cost of the purchase, noting: “This is not yet a finalised deal, this is not yet the end of negations.”

It has previously been estimated that the Patriot contract might be worth PLN 10-12 billion (EUR 2.3-2.8 billion). Poland expects to receive a favourable offset deal, with the transfer of 69 technologies and significant investment in the Polish defence industry. (sl/rg)

Source: PAP

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