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Swedish chain stops selling Polish apples due to ‘high pesticide levels’

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Roberto Galea 08.09.2016 13:19
A total of 19 tons of Polish apples have been withdrawn from sale from the Swedish ICA supermarket chain due to reportedly dangerously high levels of pesticides.
Photo: Pexels.comPhoto: Pexels.com

According to the Swedish SVT public television, the batch of Polish apples of the Paula Red variety were tested by the country’s National Food Agency.

The fruit was found to contain as much as 0.08 milligrams of the chlorpyrifos pesticide. The permissible standard for the chemical is 0.01 milligrams.

The European Union recently drastically reduced the amounts permitted in food. Previously it allowed 0.5 milligrams per kilogramme.

According to experts, excessive amounts of chlorpyrifos can lead to brain damage. (rg)

Source: IAR

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