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Eurofile :: Are the Brits turning against the Euro?

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Peter Gentle 22.08.2012 13:11
  • Eurofile:: Are the Brits turning against the Euro? Host: Veronika Joy
This week the Eurozone leaders are meeting to discuss the situation with Greece, we take a look at the scenario in the UK.


A recent survery found that only 15% of Brittons are in favor of staying in the EU as is, and nearly 50 percent want out. Speculation is in the air about whether UK will remain in the 27-nation Bloc.

Michal Strzałkowski from Polish Radio External Service spoke to London’s Chatham House research center expert, Professor Richard G. Whitman.

Also featured in the news: The European Central Bank considers a new bond-buying program, Lithuanians regularly shopping in Poland and Poles understand the Coperinicun theory, but have only the most basic level of science in Europe.

Host: Veronika Joy

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