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What's Up :: The Auschwitz volunteer and female CEOs

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Sławomir Szefs 30.09.2012 14:30
  • What's Up 30.09.2012 The Auschwitz Volunteer and female CEOs in Poland.mp3
The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery - report by KL Auschwitz prisoner no. 4859


Captain Witold Pilecki, an officer of the underground Home Army (AK), volunteered to be caught by the Nazis in order to infiltrate the notorious Auschwitz death camp and report to the outside world about the atrocities there and the fate of its prisoners. After World War Two, Pilecki was arrested and executed as 'a western spy' following a mock trial by the pro-Soviet regime in Warsaw.

Presented by Slawek Szefs with Michal Kubicki and Veronika Joy


We shall also look into career prospects for women CEOs in Poland and the way they are treated by their professional environments.

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