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Q&A :: Dads bonding with daughters

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Alicja Baczyńska 02.07.2013 16:37
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“It’s never too late to be a good parent for your children,” says Darek Cupiał, founder of Tato.net, a support network for fathers based in Lublin, southeast Poland.

The organization holds regular workshops for fathers who feel the need to work on their parenting skills and want to connect with their children emotionally.

“Father & Daughter – a New Outlook” is a summit that deals with one of the more neglected spheres of parenting – father-daughter relations. “Some of the fathers [who attend our workshops] had a very cold upbringing, and emotional expression isn’t easy for them. Those meetings help them rediscover how important it is to show affection and surprise their children,” Darek Cupiał told Q&A host Alicja Baczyńska.

More information on initiatives centered on responsbile fathering run by Tato.net can be found here.

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