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Q&A :: Ukrainian student on Poles and Poland

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John Beauchamp 12.05.2015 18:01
  • Q&A :: Ukrainian student on Poles and Poland
This week we talk to Ukrainian Glib Skrypka who shares his views on Poles and Poland, and his experiences as a student in Warsaw.

Glib Skrypka

Hosted by Agnieszka Łaszczuk

In the previous academic year there were almost 35 thousand foreign students in Poland. And 15 thousand of them were Ukrainians, which makes them the biggest national group of foreign students in the country.

“I really enjoy studying in Poland [...] I think that most of the biggest Polish universities give great opportunities to students. They really give possibilities to become a good specialist, […] and provide with both hard and soft skills, but of course you have to be an active student,” said Glib as regards studying in Warsaw.

On the one hand, Poles support Ukrainians in the latter’s pro-European aspirations, on the other hand, many studies show that stereotypes about Ukrainians are still present in the society.

“In fact I have never faced it [stereotypes about Ukrainians], however, sometimes I have a feeling that someone does not like that I am from Ukraine,” commented the young Ukrainian.

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