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OFFSIDE :: FIFA elects new president

PR dla Zagranicy
Danuta Isler 26.02.2016 21:00
  • OFFSIDE :: FIFA elections
Middle Eastern royalty, businessmen, veteran football administrator and a former political prisoner are hoping to replace disgraced Sepp Blatter.
n Poland's application, Łódź, Gdańsk, Katowice, Gliwice and Kraków were put forward as potential host cities.The Polish ace was in the running with 22 other players, including previous winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, both among the favourites for the 2015 edition.
Former national team coach Jerzy Engel.
Offside Ballon d'Or 1 I see what a fantastic year it has been for Robert Lewandowski. I think Messi will win because he, indeed, is one of the best players of our times. The question of a runner-up, hwoever, is debatable. Should it be Lewandowski, or maybe Ronaldo, or Neymar. We should be very happy that a Polish footballer has been inlcuded in such a prestigious group of top notch players and stars. I do feel a bit di\ssappointed, however, that Robert Lewandowski did not ,make it to the top three. One oThis is Poland's first win over France - current Olympic, world and European champion - in 22 years.

Following months of scandal and allegations of massive corruption who would be best to clean up the mess at FIFA?

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