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SOUNDS LIKE POLAND :: Dr Deadlock & Conga Line

PR dla Zagranicy
Michał Owczarek 14.11.2016 15:00
  • Sounds Like Poland: Dr Deadlock & Conga Line.mp3
Tomek Hołonowicz, the mastermind behind Dr Deadlock & Conga Line talks about how he tried to blend all his favourite styles into the band’s debut album.

Ska, rock and swing thrown in for good measure, the sound is sure to jazz you up every time you feel down and out. Each individual sound is very dear to Tomek since he has taken out a loan to pay for the project. Although he may not be playing most of the instruments on the album, Tomek certainly pulls all the vital strings or rather hits the right keys as the pianist in the band.


source: www.congaline.pl photo: Bartosz Maz

Hosted by Michał Owczarek

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