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Polish humanitarian organisations helping in Syria

PR dla Zagranicy
Roberto Galea 17.03.2017 15:22
  • Polish humanitarian organisations helping in Syria
Six years have just passed since the outbreak of the internal conflict in Syria.
Photo: pah.org.plPhoto: pah.org.pl

What started out as protests against the rule of president Bashar al-Assad developed into one of the bloodiest armed clashes in the contemporary world.

Sławek Szefs reports on Polish assistance provided to the worst hit victims of this horrifying struggle... the civilian population.

Some 13 million Syrians are presently in desperate need of on-the-spot humanitarian aid.

“They live under unbearable pressure, the constant bombings, the threat of getting killed, with a lack of all basic commodities and they fear for their children who are actually a lost generation for Syria,” says Monika Korowajczyk-Sujkowska from the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH).

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