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Free roaming a challenge for Polish telecoms

PR dla Zagranicy
Roberto Galea 13.06.2017 15:19
  • Free roaming a challenge for Polish telecoms
Under an EU directive, known as “Roam Like at Home”, which comes into force on 15 June, customers around the union will not face roaming charges when travelling within the bloc.
Photo: PexelsPhoto: Pexels

Following the decision, only two Polish telecoms have so far announced they would comply with the EU law.

The Polish telecom regulator UKE said it would start imposing penalties if operators do not apply the free roaming rule.

According to consulting firm EY, customers around Europe, including Poland, could face higher telecom bills after companies around the EU drop roaming charges. To find out more Michał Owczarek spoke to EY expert Piotr Mieczkowski.

“Operators have to mitigate a decrease in revenues, so what they do most of the time is increasing the price somewhere else – they change [special offers] or terms and conditions,” Mieczkowski said

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