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Charity concert for aid for Aleppo

PR dla Zagranicy
Tomasz Ferenc 08.01.2018 14:00
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A charity concert to support the victims of the conflict in Syria was held in Warsaw on Sunday.

The “Family to Family. Aid to Aleppo” charity concert was held at the Royal Theatre in Warsaw on Sunday.

It featured members of the Polish Royal Opera in a selection of traditional Polish Christmas carols and a carol from the Middle East performed by an early music ensemble.

Polish cardinal Kazimierz Nycz said after the concert that he had the chance to visit Aleppo before the war.

"When you see this beautiful city destroyed today, similar to how Warsaw was destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising, it is clear that solidarity of the world, and also Europe, including Poland with Aleppo is very much needed," Nycz added.

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