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Polish-Israeli crisis not over

PR dla Zagranicy
Sławomir Szefs 05.02.2018 14:41
The Polish-Israeli crisis over amendments to the bill on the Institute of National Remembrance continues.

Israel upholds its fears that the law might hamper research on the Holocaust because testimony supplied by witnesses could be subject to penalization under the changed legal regulations.

Sławek Szefs reports the Polish side maintains this is absolutely not the case and that the primary objective of the new law is to protect the good name of the Polish nation and state against the use of the false historic term "Polish death camps" in reference to Nazi German concentration camps located on Polish territory during WWII.

"We want a renewal of contacts and to reach agreement with the Israeli side. Of course, we have a right to our own law, just as Israel has the right to defend its national and state dignity. Poland, too, is acting against false implications which attribute co-responsiblity for perpetrating the Holocaust," Bronisław Wildstein, a member of the group for legal and historical dialogue with Israel which has just been established by Poland's PM, told Polish Radio.

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