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Gathering of Goths

PR dla Zagranicy
Elżbieta Krajewska 17.08.2011 11:01
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Castle Party Indie Festival at Silesian stronghold Bolków


Bolków is a small town with a modest market surrounded by arcaded houses with a church at one end nestling at the foot of a medieval fortress built on a steep hill. Once a year the town becomes host for Castle Party festival, which attracts an array of picturesque characters in black latex or leathers, resplendent with metal studs in clothing and flesh, or decked out in the garb of a vampire risen from the grave, with crinolines and tiered wigs, or as something out of a manggha cartoon; and with every other person wearing welder's glasses tipped on the back of the head. In FOCUS among others: Bolków fortress castellan Adam Łaciuk, Tomasz Orzechowski from the Castle Party organizers, and the music that makes the festival!

Introduced by Elżbieta Krajewska

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