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Roma take legal action over 'racist' pop song

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 21.05.2013 11:08
The Association of Roma in Poland has filed a complaint with a public prosecutor's office in Poznan, western Poland, over an allegedly 'racist' pop song.

Bracia Figo Fagot: press materials

Roman Kwiatkowski, chairman of the association, was drawn attention to lyrics by the Bracia Figo Fagot group, after discovering that the pop band was due to perform at an annual student festival in Poznan this Thursday.

The song in question includes the lines: “Darling, please abort that Gypsy/ The Gypsy is a thief and always will be,” ("Kochana, wyskrob prosze tego Cygana. Cygan to zlodziej i tak juz zostanie").

“It is degrading, and below any form of human dignity,” Kwiatkowski told Polish Radio.

“There are Roma among the students, how do you think they feel?”

Bracia Figo Fagot are known for sending up the so-called Disco Polo pop genre (a thumping, unpretentious type of Polish pop).

However, Kwiatkowski said he was unimpressed by any of the band's supposed irony.

“In my opinion, every joke has its limits,” he said.

Kwiatkowski has appealed for Bracia Figo Fagot to drop the offending song from its repertoire on Thursday, and has suggested that a Roma group should also play at the event. (nh)

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