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Drunk dentist in tooth-ripping police stand-off

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Nick Hodge 19.06.2013 12:20
A drunk dentist allegedly removed a patient's tooth without permission and then barricaded himself into his surgery in Radomsko, central Poland, when police arrived at the scene.
Photo: GlowimagesPhoto: Glowimages

Photo: Glowimages

According to the police, a man was having preparatory treatment for a crown at the surgery on Monday afternoon when matters started to go in an unexpected direction.

“During the treatment, the alarmed patient became suspicious that the dentist was drunk,” police spokesperson Aneta Komorowska told news channel TVN24.

The dentist started by polishing the patient's front teeth, and then administered five jabs of anaesthetic.

“After a few minutes, the 28-year-old saw that his front tooth had landed in the bin, and at that moment he decided to protest,” Komorowska said.

When the patient demanded his dental records, the 50-year-old man refused, and ejected the patient from the surgery.

After police were called to the premises, the dentist barricaded himself in his office.

When officers finally managed to get inside, they confirmed that the man was under the influence of alcohol.

Supplementary blood tests have been made, so as to ascertain how drunk the man was at the time of the treatment.

Meanwhile, the case has been referred to a local prosecutor's office. An expert medical opinion must be obtained on the extent of the alleged damage done by the dentist, before charges can be brought. (nh)

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