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Krakow public transport bans e-cigarettes

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John Beauchamp 24.04.2014 09:48
Municipal counsellors in the southern city of Krakow passed a motion, Wednesday, which bans the use of e-cigarettes in the city’s public transport.

Photo: flickr/cc/tcavapor.com

The new by-law is to become effective in May, and follows on from the cities of Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz, where similar regulations have been enforced.

Deputy director of Krakow’s Communal Infrastructure and Transport Authority, Marcin Korusiewicz told journalists, Wednesday, that the motion came after complaints from passengers over the use of e-cigarettes in the city’stransport.

“Passengers complained about the smell among other things,” MPK municipal transport spokesman Marek Gancarczyk said. While e-cigarettes only produce a vapour and not toxic smoke, the ‘liquid’ used to fill the device is often artificially flavoured.

However, no fines will be administered for e-smokers, although the tram or bus driver will be able to ask the offending passenger to leave the vehicle – if the plea is not adhered to, however, then the driver is entitled to call the police, which may impose a fine.

The move comes as e-smoking has become more popular in Poland, with estimates from the eSmoking Institute, a Polish advocacy group for e-cigarettes, revealing that around 1.2 million Poles use the device. (jb)

Source: PAP/WBJ Observer

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