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Local elections: first official results in

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Nick Hodge 19.11.2014 08:56
Poland's National Electoral Commission (PKW) released the first official results of the 16 November local elections in the early hours of Wednesday morning, although regional assembly results are pending.

Lodz electoral commission on Sunday. Photo: PAP/Grzegorz Michalowski

Thus far, the results concerning 1584 heads of local administration, including city mayors, are through.

However, as law dictates, 890 of these will go to a second round, in those instances where no candidate secured 50 percent of the vote.

Only the two candidates who received the most votes will take part in the deciding leg, and in Poland's major cities, there will be several hard fought campaigns over the ensuing fortnight.

In Warsaw, current mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz's centre-right Civic Platform party, is set for a second round.

Gronkiewicz-Waltz garnered 47.19 percent of the vote, while runner-up Jacek Sasin of the conservative Law and Justice party took 27.31 percent.

In Krakow, independent candidate Jacek Majchrowski managed 39. 19 percent. Marek Lasota, officially independent, but backed by Law and Justice, garnered 26.95 percent.

In Gdansk, current mayor Pawel Adamowicz won 46.05 percent, while Andrzej Jaworski (Law and Justice) took 26.15 percent.

In Wroclaw, current mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz (Independent) managed 42.37 percent, while Miroslawa Stachowiak-Rozecka took 25.8 percent.

In Poznan Ryszard Grobelny (Independent) garnered 28.58 percent, whil Jacek Jaskowiak (Civic Platform) managed 21.46 percent.

Candidates who won outright included Hanna Zdanowska (Civic Platform), who got 54.08 percent in Lodz.

Civic Platform also won in Lublin, where Krzysztof Zuk managed 60.13 percent.

In Rzeszow, independent Tadeusz Ferenc won 66.31 percent of the votes.

As far as the votes in the regional assemblies are concerned, the National Electoral Commission has not confirmed an exact time when the outcome will be known.

However, an Ipsos exit poll gave Law and Justice won 31.5 percent, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz's centre-right Civic Platform party 27.3 percent, junior coalition partner The Polish Peasants' Party 17 percent, and the Democratic Left Alliance 8.8 percent. (nh)

Source: PAP

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