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Right-wing party exorcises rooms in parliament vacated by anticlerical outfit

PR dla Zagranicy
Aleksander Nowacki 01.04.2015 14:49
A right-wing parliamentary party has exorcised the rooms taken over from a disbanded anti-clerical group of MPs.
Janusz Palikot: in hell?Janusz Palikot: in hell?

The United Right party has taken over the rooms of the anticlerical Your Movement party, led by Janusz Palikot, that has fallen apart after defections of nearly all MPs.

“Palikot does not hide his hatred to the [Roman Catholic] Church, to values, to anything that brings to mind normality,” said Zbigniew Ziobro, who leads the United Right (ZP) party. “So the holy water is entirely appropriate.”

“I think that what he [Palikot] hung on the walls dragged him to political hell,” Ziobro said of the anticlearical posters in Your Movement's rooms. (an)

Source: onet.pl

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