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Donald Tusk suggested Grabarczyk resignation?

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Roberto Galea 30.04.2015 15:35
The head of the European Commission, Donald Tusk, might have suggested that Cezary Grabarczyk resign from the position of Justice Minister.
Cezary Grabarczyk (C) resigned on Wednesday. Photo: Wikimedia CommonsCezary Grabarczyk (C) resigned on Wednesday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Justice Minister Cezary Grabarczyk handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, Wednesday evening, following media reports that he was granted a firearms licence without taking the proper tests in 2012.

Political scientist Renata Mieńkowska-Norkiene told the TVN24 broadcaster that former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk might have called Grabarczyk and told him it might be in his best interest to resign.

Mieńkowska-Norkiene believes that there was probably a “whole staff of people who wanted to find something on Grabarczyk”. She said that does not rule out that this information was gathered by people associated with Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna.

It was more likely, however, that the information was compiled by political opponents of the governing party, Civic Platform (PO), Mieńkowska-Norkiene said.

She added that the resignation might have been suggested by President Bronisław Komorowski, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, and even Donald Tusk.

“It is a far-reaching theory, because [Tusk] is now busy with other things. It is possible that he called and said: ‘do something about it pronto’,” the politologist explained.

Other reactions to the Grabarczyk resignation included:

Former Justice Minister Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski: “Of course there is no denying that the opposition is always waiting for a resignation of every minister of the ruling coalition. Now is the run-up to the electoral campaign, so the justice minister resigned because he did not want this matter to have a negative impact on his party”

Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna: I am convinced that [Grabarczyk] will have the time and opportunity to clarify this matter without being on the front line, that is, without being in government.”

Secretary of State Marcin Kierwiński: Cezary Grabarczyk’s honourable behaviour should be emphasised. There are no outright objections formulated by the prosecution, and [he made this] decision for the good of the system, that he resigned. He showed that the minister of justice must be like the proverbial Caesar's wife, above suspicion.” (rg)

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