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Hologram cards to stop drivers taking disabled spaces

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 03.07.2015 11:00
Special hologram cards are being introduced this month to prevent drivers from fraudulently making use of free parking spaces for the disabled.
Photo: sxc.hu

The new cards come after it emerged that thousands of people have been using spaces that they were not entitled to.

Not only were the old cards valid for an unlimited period, city guards have repeatedly found instances of drivers using documents that did not belong to them.

Such incidents even included people using cards of deceased disabled relatives.

The new cards are only being issued for 5-year periods.

Meanwhile, new regulations stipulate that anyone fraudulently using a card for the disabled can be fined up to PLN 2000. Offenders will also have to cover the cost of their vehicle being towed. (nh)

Source: TVN

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