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Survey finds Poles positive about 2015

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Nick Hodge 07.01.2016 08:24
The majority of Poles believe that 2015 was good for both themselves and their families, though many are less positive about how the country as a whole fared during this time, a survey has indicated.
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The CBOS survey found that 58 percent of Poles believe that 2015 was good for them personally, while 14 percent believe it went badly and 28 percent are neutral. A similar proportion of Poles think that the year was also good for their families.

The pollster noted that this makes 2015 the best year since 1989, based on how Polish people feel about the passing year on a personal level.

In addition respondents were positive about their own futures, with 45 percent believing that 2016 will be good for them while most others were neutral.

However Poles are less positive about how the country performed with just 31 percent believing that 2015 was good for Poland, while 20 percent believe it was bad, 43 percent were neutral and the remainder had no opinion.

The CBOS survey also found that 37 percent of people think 2016 will be better for Poland than 2015 and 24 percent think it will be worse. Although overall Poles remain positive about the country’s future CBOS noted that this represents a more pessimistic outlook than a year ago.

The survey was carried out between the 3rd and 10th of December 2015, on a representative sample of 989 Polish adults. (sl/nh)

Source: PAP

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