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Polish nationalists want wall to keep out refugees

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 26.02.2016 12:17
Polish nationalists are arguing that a wall may have to be built on Poland's eastern border in order to counter a possible wave of refugees from the Middle East.
Members of Poland's National Movement (Ruch Narodowy). Photo: wikimedia commons/SilarMembers of Poland's National Movement (Ruch Narodowy). Photo: wikimedia commons/Silar

MP Sylwester Chruszcz of the Kukiz '15 grouping believes refugees will flow through the Ukraine and Poland as a result of the closing of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Poland should be prepared to build a wall against a wave of refugees,” he said.

Chruszcz is one of five members of Poland's National Movement (Ruch Narodowy) to enter parliament as a result of an alliance with Kukiz'15.

He also claimed that “ethnic massacres will take place in the West and we will have to take in other refugees - British, French and Germans.”

The main flow of migrants to date has seen Poland almost entirely bypassed. Chruszcz nevertheless argued that 8 Iranian citizens were detained last month on the Polish Ukrainian border, and that 13 others, including seven children, were intercepted near Lubaczów, south eastern Poland. (nh)

Source: PAP

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