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Polish man admits to planting bomb on bus

PR dla Zagranicy
Victoria Bieniek 20.03.2017 13:30
A 22-year-old Polish man has admitted to planting a bomb on a bus in the southwestern city of Wrocław in May 2016 but denies terrorism charges.
Paweł R. Photo: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński.Paweł R. Photo: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński.

“I admit to the act, but not to the charges made by the prosecution … I have nothing in common with terrorism,” the man, identified as Paweł R, said in court on Monday.

The chemistry student admitted to building a home-made explosive device and planting it on a city bus on 19 May 2016.

“Under no circumstances did I want to harm or kill people,” the man said.

“The device I built was supposed to be a warning, it was supposed to simulate reality,” he said, adding that he regretted his actions.

The suspect said he was struggling with depression in January 2016 when he decided to build a pressure-cooker bomb with metal screws affixed to its exterior.

He said that he chose the bus by chance and that he did not intend to cause harm, only fear.

“That is why I did not place the screws inside the pressure cooker, only on its outside,” he said.

The man is accused of trying to kill many people using explosives, as well as of racketeering and extortion, both of which the prosecution said were acts of terrorism. He faces life in prison.

On 19 May, 2016, a small explosive device detonated at a bus stop in

Wrocław, after being taken off a bus by its driver.

A woman, who had been waiting at the bus stop, was slightly injured in the blast.

According to the prosecution, Paweł R (name withheld due to Polish privacy laws) had earlier called an emergency number, demanding 120 kg of gold in exchange for diffusing four bombs, which he claimed to have planted in Wrocław.

However, the man later said the bomb on the bus was the only explosive he had planted.

During interrogations, Paweł R admitted to attempting mass murder but refused to give an explanation.

During later questioning, he denied being guilty.

He underwent several weeks of psychiatric observation during the investigation. (vb/rg)

Source: PAP

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