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Polish holiday-makers seek out nudist beaches: report

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Victoria Bieniek 17.08.2018 10:50
Polish holiday-makers are increasingly interested in nudist beaches, according to Noclegi.pl, a Polish search engine for lodging reservations.
Photo: Pexels.comPhoto: Pexels.com

According to Noclegi.pl, most of the Poles interested in nude swimming and sunbathing are over 40, and they are finding more and more beaches that cater to their needs along Poland’s Baltic coast.

A survey by Noclegi.pl showed that, of those looking for nudist beaches, most wanted to get an all-over tan without pale bikini marks, while some wanted to ditch swimwear for “hygiene reasons”.

A small handful said they found meaning in being nude and “relaxing as nature intended”, the website reported.

Most Polish naturists spend time at nudist beaches with their family and friends, and they are most bothered by “rookie” nudists who break “an unwritten code” by staring at other naked bodies or try to take photos from a hidden camera, according to Noclegi.pl.

“It can also be troublesome to meet someone you know, from work, for instance. One of the respondents, a teacher, said they felt uncomfortable when they met their student at the beach,” Noclegi.pl reported.

Poland’s most famous nudist beach is in Chałupy, on the Hel peninsula in Poland’s north, but Dębki, just 30 kilometres west of Chałupy, is considered Poland’s unofficial nudist capital, Noclegi.pl said. (vb)

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