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Poland to create transsexual law?

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 09.08.2011 12:40
Poland’s Ombudsman for human rights has appealed to the justice minister to change the legal situation of Polish transsexuals, so they do not have to seek permission from their parents in court in order to legally change their gender.


Ombudsman Irena Lipowicz is making the move following a request from the Trans-fusion organization, which helps people with what is considered a gender identity disorder.

The Ombudsman says Poland needs a comprehensive legal act concerning sex-reassignment procedures.

Under current legislation, formal sex re-assignment forces transsexual persons to take legal action their own parent to force them to give their consent.

“In order to help transsexual persons who want to undergo a gender re-assignment process, the supreme court, faced by the lack of a relevant law, created a by-pass, a way to achieve this in compliance with the law. But this by-pass became a source of more suffering and confusion, as the transsexual person has to sue his or her parents,” says the Ombudsman.

Irena Lipowicz stresses that her intention is not to press for hasty legal changes or simplifications, but to work out solutions to concrete problems experienced by transsexuals, like corrections in various personal documents.

The confusion dates back to a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1978 and confirmed in 1978 and confirmed in 1989 and in 1995,

Since then there has been no bill written that would clearly name all the steps needed to fulfill before a person attempts to change their ID, driver's license etc. (kk/pg)

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