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Liberal newspaper wins media libel war

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 30.11.2011 15:51
An appeal court in Warsaw has ordered the right-wing Gazeta Polska newspaper to print a correction statement after libeling Adam Michnik, editor of leading liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza.


The case relates to an open letter written by 76-year-old poet Jaroslaw Rymkiewicz which accused Gazeta Wyborcza of being tainted by communist ideology.

“Adam! Once, long ago, we were friends. Now you want to take me to court... because I wrote the truth: that you – you and your people – are the ideological heirs of Rosa Luxemburg,” the poet declared, referring to the Polish-Jewish communist revolutionary.

Yesterday's ruling follows on from an earlier hearing this April, in which Gazeta Polska was ordered to publish material submitted by Michnik's lawyers.

However, the editorial office of Gazeta Polska declined to publish the texts, which led to this month's hearing.

Supporters of Rymkiewicz argue that the case represents the stifling of freedom of speech in Poland.

Adam Michnik was a leading light in the 1980s Solidarity movement. He created the liberal Gazeta Wyborcza paper in the lead-up to Poland's seminal and partially free elections of June 1989.

Michnik is also the son of a Polish-Jewish communist, a factor which is often dwelt upon by some of Gazeta Wyborcza's right-wing adversaries. (nh/pg)

Source: PAP

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