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Poland to return billions in unused subsidies?

Administrator Administrator 26.04.2011 11:43
Poland may have to return 2.5 billion zloty (634 million euro) in unused subsidies from the EU’s Leader rural development programme.


The demand for the money’s return comes as the subsidies were found to be spent on bureaucracy, rather than the creation of local schools, rural jobs and community centres.

So far, 700 million zloty has been allocated to rural areas, although it has been revealed that one third of that sum has been set aside for renting office space and wages of so-called ‘local action groups’.

However, these groups have also been bogged down by bureaucracy, with many projects aimed at reactivating rural life being held up by provincial offices across the country.

Specialists are now warning that the Leader programme in its current form will lose money, resources, time and private initiatives, with worries that the EU may demand the money back for not moving forward with the programme. (jb)

Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

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